What Is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a cosmetic injection that stimulates natural collagen production, making your facial skin look fuller, smoother, and more youthful. Radiesse is made of a specialized ingredient that activates your body’s innate collagen production processes, essentially reversing the effects of age on your skin. You can undergo Radiesse treatments to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, correct acne scarring, enhance facial volume, make your cheeks look fuller, and elevate your facial contours.





Lower Face

$700 - $3,000



Full Face

$1,100 - $5,000

Radiesse Corrects The Following:

How Radiesse Works

Radiesse is made of sterile synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite suspended in a gel carrier. When injected into targeted facial tissues, the calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres stimulate collagen production. Collagen is a fibrous protein that binds your skin tissues together, making your skin look firm, smooth, and youthful. The loss of collagen due to aging is the primary reason for facial sagging and wrinkling. Radiesse restores your skin’s collagen reserves, thus reversing the effects of age on your skin.

Benefits Of Radiesse:

The Radiesse Treatment Process

1. Consultation

Your Radiesse treatment starts with a personalized consultation with Francienne. She carefully examines your facial skin, discusses your goals, reviews your health history, and curates the ideal Radiesse treatment plan for you. She marks the appropriate treatment areas and selects the ideal units of Radiesse for different parts of your face.

2. Treatment

During the Radiesse treatment, the cosmetic provider cleanses your facial skin, applies topical anesthesia to ensure a comfortable experience, and marks the injection points. The appropriate units of Radiesse are carefully injected into the targeted facial tissues using small needles. The entire treatment concludes within 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Recovery

Radiesse doesn’t produce harsh side effects or complications. You may experience mild redness, swelling, tenderness, and bruising, but these side effects are temporary, and they’re common to all injectable treatments. You may resume your daily activities immediately, but you should avoid strenuous workouts and physical activities for a day.

Your Radiesse Results

Radiesse will produce instant results, making your cheeks and skin look fuller. But the final results appear gradually over several weeks as your body produces new collagen fibers. While the results take a few weeks to appear, they also last longer than traditional hyaluronic acid fillers — you can expect the results to last for 24 months or more.

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Radiesse FAQs

Please read through the following Frequently Asked Questions regarding the FG Aesthetics + Medicine Radiesse. For additional questions and concerns, please call us at 406.200.8331 or email us at [email protected].

Is Radiesse safe?

Radiesse is a safe, FDA-approved cosmetic injection made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable materials. You don’t have to worry about infections or harsh side effects.

Radiesse results appear gradually over several weeks. You should notice considerable improvements in your skin after about 10 days, but the final results may continue improving for several weeks.

Radiesse results last for approximately 24 months — significantly longer than other fillers.

Radiesse results last up to 24 months, so you can get Radiesse treatments every 2 years. Some patients opt for smaller units of maintenance doses several times over the year to extend the longevity of the results and ensure continued improvements.

Radiesse’s active ingredient, calcium hydroxylapatite, gets reabsorbed by the body within a few weeks. Once the active ingredient is absorbed, your body starts producing natural collagen fibers to reverse the signs of aging. Since the results are based on your innate healing processes, they conform to your natural facial anatomy.

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