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About FG Aesthetics & Medicine

FG Aesthetics & Medicine is a luxurious medical center focusing on functional health, alternative therapy, and aesthetic health. Our medical center was founded by Francienne Grantsaris, a board-certified family nurse practitioner and aesthetic injector who believes aesthetic wellness is an inextricable component of functional health. Francienne founded FG Aesthetics & Medicine to give her clients in Montana a caring and compassionate space to pursue therapeutic options for their physical, emotional, and aesthetic concerns. We help you achieve the very best version of yourself.

Our Philosophy

FG Aesthetics & Medicine is driven by the philosophy that natural is always better. Over the past years, the aesthetic industry has developed a reputation for offering unnatural results, such as stretched skin, puffy lips, and unnatural swelling. Our medical center believes in elevating your innate beauty — not making you look plastic or artificial. We improve your skin health, address the root cause of your skin conditions, and help you achieve your aesthetic requirements without worrying about looking unnatural. Simply put, we elevate your natural beauty.

Our Strategy

FG Aesthetics & Medicine follows a streamlined and comprehensive approach to ensure natural results. We offer detailed and thorough consultations and meticulous bio-analytical testing, which allows us to understand the root cause of your aesthetic concerns. Francienne also asks about your true aesthetic goals and expectations, based on which she curates personalized treatment plans. We modify every aspect of the treatment, including the injections used, dosage, treatment areas, and everything else. You are unique, and so are your treatments.

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