What is waxing?

Waxing is undoubtedly the most effective and long-lasting solution to unwanted hair. This procedure involves using strip wax to remove the unwanted hair follicles from the root. Since the unwanted hair is removed from the root, you can enjoy soft, smooth, hair-free skin for several weeks. You don’t have to worry about stubble, increasing hair density, razor burns, or other problems. Nothing beats the simplicity of hair removal with waxing.







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Waxing removes unwanted hair from:

How waxing works

Hair grows in various stages — anagen, catagen, and telogen. When a new hair is formed, it pushes the club hair from the previous phase up the follicle and out, making the previous hair follicle fall out. The new hair grows by 1cm every 28 days and eventually stops growing, soon replaced by new hair. Waxing disrupts the natural hair growth cycle to help you achieve smooth, soft, hair-free skin.

During a waxing session, we use cream-based wax strips that pull the unwanted hair follicles out by the roots. The unwanted hair is removed before the new hair has formed completely. Once the unwanted hair is removed, you can go for several weeks or even months before the new hair follicle becomes visible on your skin’s surface. Shaving only cuts off the visible parts of the hair, but waxing works at a deeper level to ensure lasting results.

Benefits of waxing:

The waxing process


Waxing requires minimal preparation. But you should avoid shaving before your appointment to ensure all the hair follicles are effectively extracted. The unwanted hair should be at least one-quarter inch for optimal results. You should also avoid lotions, oils, and gels on the treatment area on the day of the waxing appointment to ensure optimal results.



We use extremely safe, cream-based wax strips specifically designed for delicate or sensitive skin. Our waxing solutions ensure optimal results without unnecessary pain or discomfort. Momentary discomfort is unavoidable, but most agree that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. After cleansing and prepping your skin, the cosmetic provider will apply the wax strip to your skin and pull it off in one swoop, removing all unwanted hair.


You may experience mild redness, soreness, tenderness, and bumps on your skin after your first waxing session. These symptoms usually last for up to 48 hours. Some patients don’t experience any of these side effects. You should avoid hot baths, showers, saunas, hot tubs, exfoliation, and exercise for up to 48 hours after the treatment to minimize side effects.


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