Diane Esqueda

Diane Esqueda


Diane attributes her passion for natural health to growing up close to nature and developing a love of the natural world. Raised on a farm in eastern Washington State, Diane spent most of her time outdoors, where she delighted in picking fresh apples, cherries, and peaches from the trees in the orchard and watched her mother grow a huge flourishing garden filled with various fruits and vegetables, which she canned, froze, pickled, and included in home-cooked meals.

Diane learned to understand the wisdom of nature and how it equates to the inherent wisdom of our bodies and the similarities of the fine balance in our bodies to the fine balance in our environment. As a child, Diane developed a love of whole, fresh food, which she later combined with her innate interest and knowledge in physiological and emotional health. She keenly understands how nutrition and food affect your emotional and physiological health.

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