Kelsey Hawke

Kelsey Hawke


Kelsey is a Montana native who is proud to be living, working and raising her family in this beautiful community. The call to nursing came early for Kelsey. Inspired by a family tradition of caregivers and healers, she pursued her nursing education, weaving compassion into the fabric of her professional journey. Throughout Kelsey’s early years in nursing she was inspired to explore the intersection of health and aesthetics. A chance encounter with the transformative power of aesthetic nursing ignited a passion within her, leading her to specialize in the art of enhancing natural beauty. Venturing beyond the borders of Montana, and here locally, Kelsey sought top-notch training in aesthetic procedures. She honed her skills, mastering the latest techniques to bring out the best in her clients while maintaining the authenticity that defines her practice.

Beyond the clinic, Kelsey engages with the local community, organizing wellness events and collaborating with fellow healthcare professionals. Her commitment to holistic beauty extends beyond appearances, embracing the well-being of the entire person. Through her work, Kelsey strives to nurture not only physical beauty but also confidence. Each procedure is a step towards empowering individuals to embrace their unique selves. In Missoula Kelsey’s aesthetic practice stands as a symbol of the union between natural beauty and human artistry. With her hands guided by compassion and expertise, she continues to write the story of aesthetic excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the faces and hearts of her community. When Kelsey is out of the office she enjoys showing her young son all the beauty and adventure our home has to offer. You can find her wading in a local river casting a line or camping in the vast Montana wilderness.

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